Art of the Day: Governors Island art (Sep 2011), Part 1 of 2 — Matthew Garrison, Kerri Brewer, Selena Kimball

  September 21st, 2011


       Kerri Brewer
       [Title Unknown], [Date unknown], photograph

       Selena Kimball
       Untitled (Materialization 1970), 2009-2011, collage


       Matthew Garrison
       In the Rain, 2010, flatscreen television & transparent collage

     Over labor day weekend I visited Governors Island with my girlfriend, and one of the unexpected highlights of our time there was the art we stumbled across in various little galleries set up in the island’s colonial homes. Above is part one of a mini-survey of some of the art which I liked best. ——–> First is a lovely rustheap by photographer Kerri Brewer, whose work I found for sale in a Governors Island Etsy shop. I like how she caught the powder blue graffiti just right, such that it echoes the background waters without calling too much attention to itself. And of course being a general texture- (and particularly rust-) junkie, I dug those upjutting snarls of rust scraping+crashing into each other like waves. ———> Next is a large-scale collage piece by Selena Kimball. This piece was powerful in person, the first thing you saw when you walked into the colonial home gallery that housed it, mounted on the paintpeeled wall of the entryway. It made you step back several paces and take in its aura of smoke, underwater and gathering spirit. The craft, too was impressive & easy to get lost in up close, all those lovely gradations of black and white and gray meticulously managed across a sea of paper cuttings. Great photo, but this piece definitely needs to be experienced live. ——–> Finally, one of my favorite pieces, a video installation by Matthew Garrison. I liked the simultaneous whimsy and slowmotion melancholy of this piece. I stood there mesmerized, watching the artist skip about among the static droplets on the transparent collage layered over the screen. I would’ve stayed there for another couple minutes if we didn’t have so much to do that day. Gorgeous work. Part two coming tomorrow (maybe).

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