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  May 6th, 2012



     sky ships for paint (members: waterdog & Bekah fly) make haunting, midnight music built from steelstring guitar and minor-key duets. Their hushed, troubling songs grow out of darkly-catchy motifs and minimalist mantras. Bekah’s slightly throatier voice pairs beautifully with waterdog’s higher register. A woodsier, more moonlit-bayou CocoRosie comes to mind. Lyrical imagery & themes are urgent & elemental: wolves, seaweed, fireflies, hurricanes; quests, loss, wonder. Their songs are the dark murmur of the canal on the edge of town leading leading away from this place. And to somewhere magical, whispery, dangerous.

Here’s “the color of all things” from 2012′s “sky ships”, a song I love for its dream-poetry of struggle, its guitar work, bekah’s way with the spokensung chorus, & waterdog’s fierce vocal counterpoint:

For more songs and downloads, please check out sky ships for paint’s bandcamp
Drawing above is by Bekah fly
For Bekah fly’s other music, go here
For waterdog’s other music please go here

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