Art of the Day — Sculpture: Harumi Nakashima, “Struggling Form” (1997)

  May 12th, 2012



       Harumi Nakashima (b. 1950 in Japan)
       Struggling Form, 1997, glazed stoneware

      Saw this in person at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York. Spent many lingering moments hovering near it, admiring everything about it. Of course right away you’re hit with the that Kusama-like relishing of the polkadot and the orbic. The fun asymmetry of its one mutant sphere foot. The scalloped, imperfectly-lined up seal; a bivalve’s maloclussion — which in person was even more rich and rewarding, with the way you could see & half-see into its creamy smooth interior and out the other side. And the liquid twisting yearning of the piece as it fulfilled its own name. See this in person if it comes to a space near you.

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