Album: Chris Way, “The Body Begins” (2012)

  June 16th, 2012



     Taking a little detour here to shamelessly plug my new record folks; you know how it is.
     It’s called “The Body Begins” (2012), and it’s available now via CD here & via Bandcamp here. This record, my seventh full-length, was inspired by conversations with massage therapist Gwen Guarino about composing music to accompany massage that’s a little different from what’s currently on the market. The result was something more than just music to accompany massage: it became a collection of seven ambient pieces that can be listened to as background, or focused on as music for its own sake. The pieces are long, minimalistic, spacious musical meditations made to bring you to the present moment and open you to it. Music inspired by the body, by the way emotion is stored in the body, discovered in the body, released from the body.
     I’m very excited as this record marks a significant departure from what I’ve done before — a lot looser, more vast, more wide open in terms of melody, tempo, feel..
      Stream the whole record below. Hope you like & thanks as always for listening and supporting folks.


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