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Poem: Jean Joubert’s “April Again” (trans. Levertov)

May 25th, 2013

  Jean Joubert


April again, its
frail flames,
nightingales, lilac.

Hail, Sun, behold
our festal garments,
the fire of our words.

At the crest of day
we could almost
seem purely blithe.

But at our earth’s
darkest, most secret
place there is
an emptiness nothing can fill.

  [translated from the French by Denise Levertov] 






A new poet to me. I love this poem! The incredible evanescence of all seasons. The death of them already implicit in their beginnings, even as life begins to adjust to their claim, either in flushing dance or huddling shiver. Stink of rot as soon as the new blossom or fruit starts to bud. Stirrings of new shoot even as first snow blankets. Everything is already always turning. And Spring, the great joyous awakening passage of the year: a shaky blush, it’s all bravado. The globe always lusts for renewal, for destruction. Hard to be at peace enough to celebrate when always careening from death to rebirth. Seesawing an egg and hoping it’ll come to rest in the center. Just to know beautiful things when they are simply being still. By some spiritual traditions, part of suffering is not accepting these vicissitudes. And so we suffer. If we are unfortunate enough to just want to stand still and take a deep breath and keep things still for a bit.

For more about Joubert, and more examples of his work, please direct yrselves over to Narrative Magazine
as well as the Poetry Foundation.

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Chris Way – Featured in Printer’s Devil Review plus New Artworks

May 1st, 2013


       Chris Way (b. Ft. Myers, FL)
          ManorCare Rec Room, Sunday February 20, 2011, 2012, pastels and colored pencil on charcoal paper


I’m happy to announce that Printer’s Devil Review has featured my 5-part DuPron Suite — an interconnected series of pastel and chalk works on paper about my family and about events in my childhood — in their Spring 2013 issue. They meant a lot to make and I’m happy to share them with you.

The above image, “ManorCare Rec Room, Sunday February 20, 2011″, is part of the series.

View the entire gallery here:

Also check out the interview with me here (also including images of all five works).

Finally, please be sure to check out the entire PDR Spring ’13 issue here, chock full of goodies literary and visual.

In other news, I’ve got about 20 new recent art pieces and photographs up at my art gallery page over here — take a peek when you have a chance. Below is a recent artwork of mine included in that update:

       Chris Way (b. Ft. Myers, FL)
          The Ferns, March, 2013, pastels chalk and white out on black charcoal paper

Thanks all of you for your continued support!


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