Help Adam Carolla & Podcasters Defend Against Patent Trolls

  May 4th, 2014

     Do you know what a patent troll is? A disgusting class of morally-bankrupt lawyer vermin who sniff around buying random patents just so they can bully people they claim are infringing on said patents. The burden of proof in such cases is always on the defendant, and patent trolls, through sheer mafioso intimidation, often win their settlement (since the cost of going to court for defendants is so prohibitively high, patent law being one of the most expensive kinds of litigation out there). One of many sad symptoms of our government’s inability and/or unwillingness to enact meaningful legal reform.
     Here’s the crux: podcasts are in trouble because of these shit-hearted crooks. Adam Carolla, comedian & creator of one of the most popular podcasts on the net, is being sued for millions by patent trolls. Why? Because his comedy podcast presents itself in episodic form. Apparently there’s a patent on presenting podcast media in discrete episodic units (which in itself is a jawdropping absurdity on the order of a word like “box” being copyrighted by FedEx). To provide the actual patent legalese: he’s being sued for using a “system for disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence”.
     The mere existence of such a patent is scary enough — suggesting a whole intellectual trove of similar hyper-granular patents that could be seized upon and exploited in similar fashion — but what it means for the modern medium of podcasts is scarier yet: everyone would have to pay. A lot. This could cripple podcast ownership and expression as we know it, since most podcasters are small-time artists or entertainers who wouldn’t be able to operate as they do now if the Carolla case goes the way of the patent trolls, and if the patent trolls thereby gain precedent leverage.

     So, whether you hate Carolla or love him, if you consume podcasts or if you are disgusted by patent trolls, learn more about the issue here, and help Carolla out with a donation of any size:
     Thanks for tuning in — Adios!

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