Art of the Day: “Opended chest of a garage” (1982-83), Alfred Klinkan

  June 5th, 2014


       Alfred Klinkan (1950-1994, Austrian)
        Opended chest of a garage[sic?], 1982-83, Oil on canvas

      Ah, what lovely riot of color. The hot acrid yellows and oranges and fuchsia, reminiscent of the work of Emil Nolde, arrest and divert the eye no matter where you’d like to direct it. Especially the yellows and oranges: There’s a fire at the base of the throat of that hill. That open goldbox is sticky with warm nectar. That orange tiger is straight from the elemental plane of fire, shrivels grass and leaves in a 3 foot radius around it. It casts its glow upon the face and neck of the human figure behind the leaping dog. Golden speckles everywhere: in the water, in the foliage; yolk in the sky. The vibrant palette feeds off of and is threatened by the impact of those yellows and oranges, creating a delicious, active interplay. Something will be boxed & trapped, or something has been unboxed, freed – & everything surrounding will know, will feel, will glow, will change.




More of Klinkan’s art here, at the im Kinksy Auktionshaus.

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