Twin Dog Ghost Howl’s song “Only Holy” (2014)

  November 16th, 2014

I’ve been loving this yearning prayer
by NYC-based singer & songwriter Twin Ghost Dog Howl
called “Only Holy”
A soft, simple urgent diptych of a song
Alternating between two modes:
     Assured, vibrato-laden & throaty
     and plaintive, higher-pitched, w/ vox notes held out to the moonlight
The transition is effective, economical, and seems to me
to capture well two of the ways
we deal with the vast beyond –
sometimes at the same time–:
with the courage + the hunger,
   & with the vulnerability + the fear

Here’s the song clip, in warm golden butter-glow:

       Twin Dog Ghost Howl, “Only Holy”, 2014

Please check out more of Twin Dog Host Howl’s haunting, expressive soulfolk music at her bandcamp:

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