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Chris Way – Record Re-Release: “Needle Out” (2009)

February 26th, 2018

Hi all!

My 2009 record, “Needle Out”, has been re-released. I fixed up “Hollow Book, Winter Glove”, fixed song sequencing issues, and re-mastered select tracks. I also switched from iTunes to Bandcamp.

Find it on Bandcamp here.

$8 gets you 11 tracks, with a running time of about 35 minutes. This is a spare, intense collection of midtempo acoustic songs mixed in with a few hoarse, raw shouters. My first proper soul-folk record.

Cover art, songs, performances, mixing, etc all by me, except “Headlights / Drown”, which featured input from Jess Hotckiss.

For more of my music, go here:
Also here:

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Chris Way – New Record: “White Hidden Flower” (Jan 2018)

January 11th, 2018

My eighth record, “White Hidden Flower”, was released today and is now available on Bandcamp here.

$10 gets you 17 digital tracks of good ol’ fashioned C.Way dark-folk goodness. Or you can just stream and see what you like piecemeal.

This record was a labor of love and brings together songs from the last ten or so years of my life. It’s mix of originals and covers, some instrumentals, some classical songs, some folk songs. Some soft things, some tender things, some dark things, some intense things. A little lo-fi here and there too. Everything homecooked with love for thee.

Beautiful mastering work by my producer Andrew Parsegian made all the songs swim together and sound of a piece (as much as could be expected given the disparate origins/eras of some of these tunes). And please note the gorgeous art by Jess Barnett (, who kindly let me use this painting, entitled “Ashes I”, for the front cover.

I’m proud of these songs and thank you to everyone who inspired them: you know who you are. I am so happy to bring this record to all of you.

p.s. here’s the back cover (using a detail from a painting by R Noglow called “flood iii”):


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Tindersticks – Dancing (cover by Chris Way)

October 14th, 2017

Here’s a song I just recorded, a cover of “Dancing” off Tindersticks’ sublime 1997 record “Curtains”. Enjoy and let me know what you think please –>

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Song: C. Way – “Lagrimas Negras” (Trio Matamoros Cover, 1929)

April 24th, 2016

     Here’s my take on a beautiful, legendary tune, “Lágrimas Negras,” composed in 1929 by Miguel Matamoros of the Cuban group Trío Matamoros. The Trío Matamoros composed and performed Cuban Son and Boleros (two Cuban styles of music & dance) from 1925-1969, achieving international fame, touring not only in their native Cuba, but also Europe, and eventually recording in New York. I love their rhythms and compositions, and hold them in high regard; they remind me of another famous Latin American trio, Los Panchos
     My grandmother loves this song, she turned 92 recently. For her birthday, I presented her with this tune. My interpretation is directly copied from this 1931 recording: It’s rough & lo-fi, but the spirit and urgency are there. Enjoy!:

Also, check out this alternate version, which I liked some, and is cleaner, but which doesn’t seem to have as much soul as the rougher version presented above:

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Also, check out my records “Needle Out” and “Some Songs, Vol.1″ on iTunes

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Album: Chris Way, “The Body Begins” (2012)

June 16th, 2012



     Taking a little detour here to shamelessly plug my new record folks; you know how it is.
     It’s called “The Body Begins” (2012), and it’s available now via CD here & via Bandcamp here. This record, my seventh full-length, was inspired by conversations with massage therapist Gwen Guarino about composing music to accompany massage that’s a little different from what’s currently on the market. The result was something more than just music to accompany massage: it became a collection of seven ambient pieces that can be listened to as background, or focused on as music for its own sake. The pieces are long, minimalistic, spacious musical meditations made to bring you to the present moment and open you to it. Music inspired by the body, by the way emotion is stored in the body, discovered in the body, released from the body.
     I’m very excited as this record marks a significant departure from what I’ve done before — a lot looser, more vast, more wide open in terms of melody, tempo, feel..
      Stream the whole record below. Hope you like & thanks as always for listening and supporting folks.


Also, check out my records “Needle Out” and “Some Songs, Vol.1″ on iTunes

And as always, buy CDs direct from me here

My main music page is here

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